Friday, November 03, 2006

Pretty In Pink

When I'm in the groove, I knit fast and hard. My enthusiasm and determination propel me forward long into the night, needles clicking when I should be sleeping. Some might even call me obsessive. . . ; ) Conversely, I'm often slow to get started on a new project, second guessing every element of the process - yarn choice, pattern, needles (swatch did you say? but isn't guessing so much more "adventurous!?") Despite my aversion to swatching, I whole-heartedly approve of it and fully recognize the benefits, which is why I often have such a difficult time at the onset of a project, refusing to swatch, but refusing, also, to just dive in. In fact, this dilemna says a lot about who I am - an inherently lazy, procrastinating, perfectionist. It's a wonder I ever accomplish anything, sitting as I do, on my ass, anxiously twiddling my thumbs!

My intent for blogging today was to document my stash, my WIPs, and my pending projects, possibly with the intent of shaming myself into some knitting action, but the light was so murky that I was unable to capture any decent pictures. Instead I'll post two pictures for Kathy. What I won't do for the illustrious Grumperina. . .

I gifted this hat to a friend's daughter, but first insisted my son model it for my records. He wasn't particularly amenable to this, not because the hat is pink, which color he is very fond of, but because he is a boy and rarely stops moving! I was lucky to get the first altogether better shot, focused and with good composition, but my personal favorite is the second. Just look at his expression in that picture. Priceless. Oh, and in the background is the lovely quilt that my grandmother Dora made in 1935. Vintage doesn't get any better.

Eyelet Ruffle Hat
Clip yarn, color 196

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