Sunday, February 11, 2007

Swap Guilt Redux

Caution: Self-pity lurking ahead.

We - myself and the boys - signed up for our first kid-oriented swap: Mollycoddle's miniswap. As a self-appointed crafty mama, I was excited to participate in a swap with my son, thinking it would be fun to put together a package for another family, including, naturally, lovingly handmade goodies from us! Well, I didn't live up to my own expectations and instead of making things we sent some (cute and fun) bought and gently used items (per the guidelines). In return we received some wonderful handmade items from the Cardillos. The boys were so excited to open their package, but I waited anxiously to see what they received. Fortunately for them, they were thrilled, but as soon as everything was unveiled I was overwhelmed with swap guilt. I posted previously about swap stress, but this was OVERWHELMING, full-on, perfectionist-driven guilt!

Look at all the wonderful handmade things that were sent our way!

Missing from the pictures are the other thoughtful and wonderful items included: Batman and Superman action figures, a wonderful story/song from Massimo, a pirate map showing where they live and tea for me!

What we sent (click on picture for notes):

The dilemna facing me now is do I re-swap? Has anyone done this? I'm sure that Eleonor and Massimo probably liked what we sent, but I feel like I failed at this swap and I want a DO OVER! So, I'm thinking of putting together a new package, small, but personal, since I am, after all, a neurotic, but sometimes lazy, perfectionist! Keep in mind, it's not about comparing or competing, but rather about following through on what you intended to do. Personal expectations and all. . .

Any thoughts? You can weigh in anonymously if you want!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Garden Lupinus

I'm a super speedy knitter most of the time, except when confronted with decisions or transitions, whereupon my knitting usually ends up languishing in some corner for an irresponsible length of time. So, naturally, I wasn't very surprised when it came time to remove the sleeves onto waste yarn and Wicked went on hiatus. It's not that I don't know how to remove the sleeves (a pretty straight forward procedure!), but I start agonizing over whether I've knit enough or too much, and I find myself paralyzed, unable to move forward. The simple thing, as advised by the Zephyr girls, would be to remove the sleeves, try sweater on, and procede from a point of knowledge rather than speculation. Well, this has finally been done! And I'm getting back up to speed. . . Here's my progress thus far:

And some earlier pictures since I've been so lazy about blogging:

With any luck I'll be wearing this soon! Hopefully before the rainy season ends. . .

Edited to add:

Information on my fabulous dress form!