Saturday, October 28, 2006

Sleepless In Oakland

In shining armor

En garde!

Knight Rider: Chain Mail Dress-up from New Knits on the Block by Vickie Howell.

40% completed over a one-week period at a semi-leisurely pace. 60% completed in a mad frenzy of postponed knitting over a 24-hour period.

3 hours of sleep last night, 8 hours of knitting.

Was it worth it? My little knight eagerly donned his costume this morning, wore it for three hours straight, through progressively warmer weather, without a single complaint, brandishing his sword hither and yon, and looking more perfect than I could have imagined. Yes.

I didn't manage to knit the hood, but justify this with "he probably wouldn't wear it anyway, because he's really sensitive to itchy yarn and he gets so hot that he wears short sleeves long into winter." Oy, maybe I'll crank it out in time for All Hallow's Eve. . .

Many thanks to Vickie who supplied me with a bag of the discontinued Soiree yarn that the pattern calls for! I had my heart set on this yarn as it really does look like chain mail, so I was thrilled when she came to the rescue. . . .

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Vickie Howell said...

Hooray! It makes me so happy to know that you knit this--your little guy looks great! xo, Vickie