Sunday, October 22, 2006

Muu Muu A No No?

Yesterday, having the morning to myself, the incorrigible one not in tow, I hit a few estate sales. They were mostly a bust, except for these vintage patterns, buttons and the always welcome pie dish. I was so excited by the short muu muu that I headed straight to the fabric store and bought some lovely 30's repro "frolicking" deer fabric, picturing myself lounging around the house in my too-cute-for-a-thirty-eight-year-old house dress! Am I nuts? When my mom saw the pattern, she couldn't stop snickering. Now I'm thinking of using the fabric for the apron. . . And that yellow piece of paper underneath the pie plate? The ticket I received for driving without my seatbelt. The only time in YEARS that I have driven unbuckled longer than it takes me to pull away from the curb!

And here, hearkening to Amanda's call, is a "corner of my home," where I drink my coffee or tea, read a few pages, sew into the wee hours of the morning, and bake many pies. We three live in a one-bedroom apartment and I often bemoan not having a room of my own. This will have to do.

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