Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Laundry List

Just to keep myself on my toes and accountable, I thought I'd make note of the holiday projects that are in progress or waiting in the wings. Lest I get selective amnesia. . . Of course, in case anyone comes sniffing around, I won't mention whom the recipients are!

More of these paint chip wallets that I find so addicting:

Paint Chip Wallet

Paint Chip Wallet

Nested magazine bowls (I'm so excited to try this, and I'll finally get to work with Modge Podge! Hope it isn't a disaster. . .)

A pouch or two:

Butterfly pouch detail

Patchwork purse

Fingerless handwarmers, either knit or sewn from fleece. I'd intended to sew them, until I started this post and came across these fabulous patterns! And what a great opportunity to knit from stash. If I can resist heading to the yarn store for just the right color, that is. . . ; )

And a couple of CD jewel case calendars from my flickr pics (if you think they're for you, they probably are, so don't ask any questions!)

All this crafting would make for a satisfying, straight-from-the-hands-and-heart, without hurting the pocketbook, kind of giving if only I didn't drop $60-$100 every time I walk into Michael's. Damn Martha and all her good things.

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