Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Self Portrait Challenge

I've often thought of myself as attractive. Not pretty in any conventional way, my features are too strong, nor beautiful, I have my share of imperfections, but attractive. As in dynamic, appealing, sometimes sexy. Over the past few years, however, this has shifted. I am now more likely to think of myself as used up. A dried out husk of my former self. Yes, this sounds harsh, but much of the time it reflects how I feel. And, in trying to capture my first self portrait for submission to Self Portrait Challenge, this feeling has been reinforced.

I haven't been the subject of many photographs lately, tending to avoid the camera. The self-portraits I took recently show someone with a strong furrow on her brow (from all the frowning that I do!), tired eyes, dull-looking skin (from lack of exercise and attention to my health), and nary a smile to be found. Who sees the irony in the broach pinned to my lovely red coat? There's not a lot of joy to be found around these parts. Maybe participating in SPC will be not only a journey of self-discovery, but a vehicle for change.

Let me clarify something so this post doesn't come across all sob story. I have moments when I'm happy, times when I'm inspired and engaged, but rarely am I filled with joy. To be here, now. This is my truth. I hope it will not always be so, but when I see these photographs of myself, I fear for my health. Psychic, not physical.

What I find interesting about self-perception and photography, as it relates to this, is the dichotomy between how we see ourselves in our mind's eye and how we look through a more objective view finder. The camera can capture either one of these images, depending on circumstances and luck. I tend to look at myself subjectively in ways that flatter, from the tilt of my head as I perform my morning and bedtime rituals in front of the bathroom mirror, to the adjustments I make when I catch sight of myself unexpectedly in a store-front window. Many times, though, the camera does not cooperate and captures a more "objective" view.

The self-portrait that I've posted is a mixed bag. I don't look as good as I'd like to look, but I think it is an accurate representation. From the photographs at my disposal, I chose the one that most captures how I see myself in my mind's eye, without sacrificing all of the honesty of what I see when I catch myself unaware. There is a bit of vanity involved in my selection, but didn't someone say that honesty is overrated? Allow me to mitigate my discomfort.

Oh, and I've self-imposed one rule. These photographs must be taken by me. For the time being. As they say, rules are meant to be broken, so don't hold me to it. For now, I like the idea of having this constraint. In the future, I may decide that other-portraits are more reflective of me than the ones I take myself. We'll see.

Before you go, check out my inspiration for self-portraiture. He is enthusiastic, creative, experimental and uninhibited. And he takes a damned interesting picture.


Janet said...

I think you do look quite strong and thoughtful in this self-portrait. I would say attractive too. Not dried up, even if that's how you feel inside at the moment. And that red coat is fabulous. Welcome to SPC :)

firstborn said...

hi inga!

i like this pic of you! it shows you are a person of character & substance. & i think you look attractive in your spiffy red coat.

yeah, i know all about feeling like my former self...but one can't always be 20 can she? i turned 40 this summer & boy was that an eye opener! ithink my inside is delayed with my outside, chronological age!!! in my mind's eye, i always think of my self as way younger, like in my college years, only smarter & more mature, you know? & anyway, i think age is just a number...i think aging gracefully is the way i'd like to see myself in the years to come. for me, it's about being "young at heart"...anyway, i really came by to tell you i received your most amazing package yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but i was touched by your spc post...i hope you will continue your spc journey...i'm going check in to see what you post for next times...

I *HEART* EVERYTHING you made & sent! words cannot adequately express the JOY you brought to me when i opened your beautifully wrapped prezzies! how did i become so lucky to have such a wonderful swap partner in you inga?!

i love your grandma's spritz cookies!!!!!!!!!!! so buttery & melt-in-your mouth deeeeelishous! the stars (i love making paper crafts, you observed very well, didn't you?!), the paper stockings, the vintage xmas card & your lovely note...I LOVE IT ALL!

thank you INGA for such a delightful holiday prezzie! i thank you from the bottom of my heart!

& btw, your son is PRECIOUS!

love & hugs,
mary ann xo (p.s., sorry about my gushing, but i can't help myself!)

Georgia said...

I look forward to seeing more photo's of you:) And I think we all feel that way sometimes... I know i do.


Your son has INCREDIBLE eyelashes!!!!

floresita said...

Dear Inga, I can relate to these feelings - we always have a picture in our mind of our younger years, and feel incomplete when we look less and less like that person with the passage of time.

Nevertheless I think it's possible to still feel every bit as attractive - as a kid I'd get frustrated with my beautiful mom who'd always complain she felt "old", but now I find myself, (at 30!) doing the same thing. She recently joined a workout class and says she feels younger than she has in her entire life!

I think that's the key, to be active and never fail to find the beauty in yourself... (I know I find beauty in you and all your amazing little creations!) :)

floresita said...

p.s. that anonymous comment above was mine, Inga! (Blogger was acting funny I guess) :)

lyn said...

I love this post. It's exactly how I feel about myself.
I'm not brave enough to show photos. I think maybe people would run away. Screaming.